1. Medina

Even within the medical industry, you’ll find a wide range of niches – all with their own unique needs. Rather than attempting to provide a catch-all solution, therefore, Medina is designed specifically for medical clinics.

Medina’s overall design is clean, simple, and elegant, so you can draw in visitors to focus on key site content.

To build your site, you can choose from six different sample homepages, each targeted at a different niche. Whether you’re running a dental clinic, plastic surgery business, or personal doctor’s office, you’ll get to start from a base design that suits your needs. Medina also provides a number of demo pages to supplement your homepage, such as contact details, services, and procedures.

2. Cardioly

When it comes to meeting the unique needs of your cardiology practice or department, Cardioly provides a highly customizable and user-friendly solution.

Equipped with a variety of demos, layouts, and widgets, this theme will help get your site up and running in no time.

To jumpstart your web design, you can install one of Cardioly’s four pre-built demos. A simple setup wizard will walk you through the process. You can then personalize your website by choosing a homepage layout, adding widgets, tweaking your font style, and selecting from unlimited background colors in the Customizer.

3. Medin

When it comes to your medical website, there’s one thing you can almost guarantee about its visitors – they’ll be in a hurry.

To help them out, your site should streamline the process required to contact you as much as possible. Fortunately, Medin could be just the theme to help you do that.

Unlike other themes with tons of demo layouts, Medin only has three options. These cater to dentists, surgeries, and clinics. However, this doesn’t mean the theme is lacking in features. 

4. Medilink

There are five elements to any successful website – who, what, where, when, and why. If you nail these aspects, your visitors will have all the information they need to convert.

Fortunately, a theme such as Medilink gives you most of the tools you’ll require to make that happen.

For example, each of the four homepage layouts provides space in the header and footer to add your logo, contact information, opening hours, and more.

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